BluVyne Management is a fast-growing, privately-held ATM and Credit Card processing company operating throughout the United States and US Virgin Islands. We provide full-service, turn-key ATM and cash services. BlueVyne Management was founded in 2007, with its first install in Queens, NY. Over the year we have built this business one customer at a time. Today, we provide ATM and Credit card solutions to hundreds of locations across the country. Over the past few years, we’ve provided the right tools, service, experience, and relationships to help us offer state-of-the-art services which help maximize our customers’ profits.

BluVyne Management provides unrivaled efficiency and reliability. Our continued success has been attributed to our high level of professionalism and dedication to client satisfaction. Whether it’s a single ATM in a single location or a number of ATMs across many locations. We value every customer relationship. While we service all types of ATM needs, we specialize in managing fleets of ATMs for chains, property managers, and Bank outsourcing. At BluVyne, we have the people, processes, experience, scale, money supply, and insurance needed to not only meet but to exceed your expectations.

The BluVyne commitment goes even further than customer relationship and reliability. Owner, Eric Linn, has been dedicated to Veganism for the past five years and is so conscious of the cause from animals, environment, healthy living and the overall impact, that he believes the best way any business owner can assist an organization is by the financial impact. In other words, let’s stop pumping money into companies that don’t support our Vegan goals and start supporting companies that do. At BluVyne, we are passionate about supporting the ATM and cash services needs of vegan and vegan-owned businesses.